Hello, i'm Aharon Manor (/colorful courier) and I create interdisciplinary art. you are invited to look/listen/read/play. aharon.manor@gmail.com
*N~E* ::
digital art/ music album
Ofakot ::
city net art
*shi__ra* :: spiritual arcade machine
Twenty AD ::
Object theater comics
gif art (。◕‿◕。)
Biography gif :: digital art
Ropes :: Costume design for a short film
Graphic designs for Pandora Collective
7th Wave ::
Site specific sculptor
*blossom_R*om**❁❀ ::
meditative Gameboy game
Emperor Wu:: Interdisciplinary site specific improv performance
אסופה ירושלמית :: Print art project
Untitled sound instalation
Colorful Glass ::
Dance performance
Kulululu :: Web design
Trainstory :: Music for a sound-ride by Li Lorian
Trash Tales :: Object theater & sound performance
Wind Machine ::
Site specific dance performance
Electronic music ensemble
As a performer
Dorian's ceramics :: Web design
Story monster::
Neighborhood comics series
No One's Matter :: Live music for theater piece by Li Lorian
LevyMars ::
Web design
South Hebron Hills - Projection ::
Soundtrack for piece by Li Lorian
Loop Station ::
Playback theater show
katvan alef archive :: digital art
Web-Heart :: Miniature net amulet
Gameboy music
co-lala-ge :: digital art
Gesusa Hilfe ::
Homebrew Gameboy game